Improve treatment adherence!

Clinixon establishes an active communication on your behalf, keeping your patients engaged and motivated with their treatment. Generate an impact on their behaviour, get them involved and aware of the importance of the treatment compliance.
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Increase your profits

Establishing a follow-up communication, requesting actions from your patients, will make them feel that you are closer to their progress generating a strongers commitment.
Benefits for you, benefits for your patients.
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What else can you get with Clinixon?

Besides the monitoring treatment function, Clinixon is a powerful practice management system
  • Schedule appointments with automatic calendar user updates
  • Access to health records details - EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Patients Financial Tracking
  • Automatic SMS Appointments reminders
  • Multi branch and multi user permission
And much, much more!
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Web-based, no downloads requirements!

Access from any device 24/7.
Simple setup, user friendly and easy to use. your best management solution system.
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Follow your patients, so they won't drop out the treatments anymore! You can configure monitoring functions and automated motivational messages. Minimal cost, minimal effort, maximum profits!


Keep a record of your patients’ payments, account statements and balance.
Create automated, detailed account statements for Insurance Companies you work with.


Create appointments with just one click, through our easy-to-use, interactive scheduler. Display the scheduling for one doctor or several at the same time, at one or more offices, all within the same calendar.

Appointment reminders

Schedule appointments inpatients’ Outlook® or Google™ calendars. Remind them of upcoming events by e-mail or text message.

Imaging and Clinical Record

Upload results, images or other attachments so they can be a part of your patients’ clinical records. Access them online, whenever and wherever you need.

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